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Shi Wei Da Fengshan – Mad Addictive Satay Bee Hoon In Bedok

28 December

The classic satay bee hoon may not rank as high as dishes such as laksa or chilli crab, but for those unaware, it’s still a true-blue Singaporean creation that deserves a try anyway. Essentially, it comprises rice vermicelli and ingredients such as cuttlefish, sliced pork, kang kong, bean sprouts and cockles that are covered—and we mean totally covered—in a thick...

8 Lok Lok Places In Singapore That Are Super Shiok!

4 September

When it comes to Lok Lok, there is no denying that the best places to get them are off travelling vans by the streets of bustling Johor Bahru and even Malacca. In fact, we dare say that it is mandatory to have Lok Lok whenever you visit one of the two places. For the uninitiated, Lok Lok is essentially a cross...