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Millennium Glutinous Rice — Rare Stall In Singapore Selling Sweet & Savoury Glutinous Rice

20 March

You know a dish is endangered when allegedly only two hawker stalls across the whole nation sell it. Overshadowed by more well-known dishes, such as lor mai kai and lotus leaf-wrapped rice, is the sweet and savoury glutinous rice. Savoury glutinous rice was originally a Cantonese delicacy that sees lightly-salted glutinous rice topped with stewed peanuts and wispy fried shallots....

Tiong Bahru Mian Jian Kueh — Nostalgic Slices Of Mian Jian Kueh That Always Sell Out Before 2pm

24 February

For the uninitiated, mian jian kueh is a traditional Chinese turnover pancake that is usually stuffed with fillings such as crushed peanuts and sugar. Moist and fluffy with a slight crispiness to it, this homely classic is your grandmother’s favourite breakfast staple. Even though it may not be as popular as it used to be in its heyday, you can still...