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10 Cheap Eats At Tai Seng To Try Out During Your Next Lunch Break

11 May

Tai Seng is known to be an industrial area filled with warehouses and factories. Many of us hence assume that the place is too ulu to have any good eats, but the area is, in fact, home to loads of good eats. From piping hot bowls of fish soup to delectable xiao long baos, this place has more than meets...

10 Taiwanese Eateries in Singapore With Solid Lu Rou Fan & More!

3 April

A popular destination for Singaporeans to travel to during holidays, Taiwan has one of the best weather all-year-round, shopping districts and sights for nature lovers. But on top of these, it is their food that impresses us time and time again. Their cuisine encompasses simple, yet incredibly rich and intense flavours and textures that is just addictive. Hankering after classic...

Mr Lorbak – S$3.50 Lu Rou Fan & Ultra Tender Pork Trotters

26 March

Lor Bak (braised pork) is a dish that reminds many of us of our mums’ cooking. William Liou took inspiration from his mother’s recipe to set up Mr Lorbak. This man is a fourth-generation hawkerpreneur who gave up his white-collar profession and started out by selling lu rou fan (braised pork rice) as his only dish. His menu has since expanded to include other braised dishes and...