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Meera’s Curry – Underrated South-Indian Eatery In Little India To Check Out

13 February

Little India is home to countless outstanding eateries that serve up mouthwatering South-Indian cuisine and they range from established brands to humble, no-frills joints. After our trip to popular Indian eatery Ghandi’s, we wanted to explore a hidden gem that is relatively unknown to most but frequented by loyal customers during peak hours. We happened to chance upon Meera’s Curry and...

8 Biryani Joints In Singapore To Fix Those Crazy Cravings

23 October

Hardly any other dish can mimic the complexity of biryani, from the exotic spices used, the texture of the rice and the superb marination of the meat. This brilliant melting pot of flavours truly epitomises the zenith of Indian cuisine. As preferences do vary, it is rather difficult to define the exact recipe behind a top-notch plate of biryani. However,...