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How To: Order Ma La Xiang Guo Like A Pro

25 January

Making headlines and sprouting out in hawker centres and food courts all around Singapore, ma la xiang guo is a delicacy that has evidently won the hearts of Singaporeans. A common staple in Sichuan cuisine, this mouth-numbing stir-fry comprises a wide variety of fresh ingredients that diners are able to pick out for themselves. Intimidating as it may seem with...

7 Most Effective Ways To Get Sh*t Done

22 November

So you have set your laptop and notes down on your table, and you tell yourself that you should finally get some work done. You start off strong-willed, completing the assignments that you need to do, but slowly, you find yourself starting to daydream. You drift away from work, and you are slipping into the tempting claws of Facebook, Instagram,...