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10 Sick People Foods That Can Be Found In Most Hawker Centres

28 November

Falling sick sucks, and no one likes to feel all weak, sluggish and bedridden when we could be out and about doing something more productive. The other really depressing thing about being sick is that your food choices are severely limited. However, being sick does not mean that you are only stuck with dull, bland foods. Surprisingly, there are a...

[CLOSED] Sambal Time – Healthy Nasi Lemak & Homemade Sambal That’s Legit Tasty

27 November

If you love a good nasi lemak in the morning but worry about your ever-expanding waistline, fear not because Sambal Time offers the most nutritious nasi lemak that’s not just delicious and healthy but also Halal-certified. While it might seem like plenty of places are jumping on the healthy-eating train, rest assured that this isn’t anything gimmicky, with nothing but...

10 Yong Tau Foo Spots That Aren’t Just For Health Conscious Office Ladies

3 November

Any Singaporean hawker centre and coffee shop aren’t complete without a yong tau foo shop tucked somewhere within it. With a myriad of colourful and mouthwatering ingredients on display, it’s no wonder that we locals keep coming back for more, regardless if it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper. The staple ingredients include minced meat-stuffed tofu, fish paste-stuffed tofu,...