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10 Best Prawn Noodles In Singapore That Are Worth The Insanely Long Snaking Queues

13 May

The humble prawn noodle, otherwise known as “hae mee” in Hokkien, is a comforting noodle dish that’s immensely fragrant and savoury beyond compare. Flavoured using a combination of pork bones and prawn heads, prawn noodles is a dish that’s fundamentally simple yet always ends up tasting different wherever you go. Some prawn noodles are lighter in flavour, allowing the ingredients...

8 Fishball Noodle Stalls Worth Bouncing Off Your Seat For

25 December

There are not many things that are as comforting as a warm bowl of mouthwatering fishball noodles. This classic dish can be found in abundance across multiple hawker stalls, food courts as well as coffee shops in Singapore. This dish comes in a number of variations; there are served in either soup or dry form and many places allow you to...