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Muslim Delights – A Humble Family Legacy That Transformed into a Bib Gourmand Awardee

9 January

Everyone loves a good success story. Rags to riches narratives featuring humble beginnings with a side helping of struggles and growth are akin to Friday night soaps, except they give us hope that perhaps one day, we too can be the protagonists of a tale others would tell. Muslim Delights is one such story. Before the brand’s success as a...

7 Halal-Certified Thai Eateries In Singapore

13 November

For many Singaporeans, when it comes to thinking of a potential destination for a shopping spree and a trip full of indulging in good food, Thailand is the ultimate go-to. Whether it is spicy tom yum soups that will leave you sweating buckets or dozens of Thai boat noodles, there is just something about Thai cuisine that makes it oh-so-addictive....

6 Halal Eateries Around Downtown East Perfect For East-Siders

14 May

Whoever thought that a trip to Downtown East will be mundane and boring with little food options to explore thought wrong. Not only does the area around Downtown East have lots of fun-filled activities for family and friends, it is now home to quite a number of amazing eateries sure to satisfy our cravings and fill our stomachs. Here are...