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SweeT.Rex – S$4 Fluffy Soufflé Pancakes in Alexandra Village Food Centre

3 September

We all love a good soufflé pancake – jiggly, fluffy and perfect for satisfying that sweet craving. However, soufflé pancakes often have a hefty price tag along with that Instagram-worthy wobble. What if we told you that you could possibly have the best of both worlds? At SweeT.Rex, tucked away in Alexandra Village Food Centre, these cloud-like soufflé pancakes won’t burn...

99 Old Trees – The Most Legit Durian Mousse Ever

20 November

Perhaps it’s one of Singaporeans’ biggest pity that durians aren’t in season all year round. Sure enough, there might be durian cafes to help tide us through, but more often than not the prices are far from wallet-friendly. 99 Old Trees, known for their farm-to-table durians and durian delivery service, have now crafted the most decadent Durian Mousse to give...

Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe – Mad Hatter-Inspired Cafe With Pretty Desserts

16 July

What’s life without a little creativity and fun? It will probably be rather meaningless and dull, but that is why we are so thankful when we come across cafes and eateries with exciting concepts and has a story to tell with their food. Led by Yvette, Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe is a quaint and cosy cafe tucked away under Blk 212...