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10 Best Sweet Steamed Baos In Singapore For A Bao-ntiful Indulgence

2 August

If there’s one thing the Chinese are known for, it would be the bao. Bao — if that’s not the most endearing word ever. These steamed bite-sized buns are super versatile, and come in a wide range of sweet or savoury fillings. You’ll find them pretty much everywhere, be it at your favourite dim sum restaurant or just at the kopitiam downstairs. Savoury...

Johor Bahru Pau/Tim-Sum — A Quirky And Affordable Dim Sum Joint In Changi Worth Visiting

26 July

If you find yourself craving for good old dim sum but you are not willing to pay overly exorbitant prices for them at restaurants, then Johor Bahru Pau/Tim-Sum is a place worth visiting. Nestled in a small shop in Changi Village, Johor Bahru Pau/Tim-Sum sells an assortment of handmade pau and other dim sum favourites. Some of the more unconventional...