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Guangzhou Mian Shi Wanton Noodle — Old-Time Wanton Mee Stall That Opens Past 12am

20 March

When we think of local supper foods, prata and maggi mee would probably come to mind. The last thing we’d probably think of is wanton mee. This homely dish is easy to down at any time of the day — morning, afternoon and definitely, at midnight. But unfortunately, most wanton mee stalls in Singapore have their shutters down by 10pm. That...

Wong Chiew Eating House – 24-Hr Eatery In Upper Thomson With Yummy Dim Sum

16 January

At the mere mention of dim sum for supper, most, if not all minds, would naturally gravitate towards popular Swee Choon if not its more rustic counterpart, 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi over in Geylang. If you’d rather do without the queues and the crowd, consider Wong Chiew Eating House located along Upper Thomson Road. Despite being around for over...

Bedok 85 Fengshan Centre – What Else To Eat Besides The Famous Bak Chor Mee

14 December

Hardly anyone is a stranger to 85 Fengshan Centre in Bedok, or commonly referred to as Bedok 85 Food Market. This hawker centre is a dinner and supper hotspot in the East that packs a huge array of local delights—from addictive bowls of bak chor mee, barbecued seafood that will have you yearning for more to even humble bowls of...