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Fifty50 Empire Nasi Beringin – A Long-Lost Malay Dish In Yishun Worth Trying

7 November

Nasi Beringin is a classic, long-lost Malay dish that is somewhat a hybrid of nasi lemak and biryani, nasi beringin is believed to be served to the royalties in Johor back in the olden days. A popular dish in Singapore back in the 1950s, nasi beringin gradually phased out and today, this dish is rarely served—until now. Fifty50 Empire over at Yishun...

8 Great Mee Siam Places That’ll Make You Siam Your Exercise Plans

11 September

You can’t call yourself a true blue Singaporean if you haven’t heard of or tried mee siam. A Malay noodle dish that is commonly eaten for breakfast, this local comfort food classic is enjoyed by folks of all races. For those of you who don’t know what mee siam is, it is simply a dish that typically comprises bee hoon (rice...