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12 Places In Singapore For Amazing Local Desserts

20 April

When it comes to dessert, we love our waffles, our bingsu and our soft serve. But when it comes to the traditional sweet treats of old, ones that see a myriad of syrups dolloped over shaved ice, a marriage of canned fruit and an assortment of jelly-like delights, few come close in comparison. There’s just something so delightful heartwarming about a...

99 Old Trees – The Most Legit Durian Mousse Ever

20 November

Perhaps it’s one of Singaporeans’ biggest pity that durians aren’t in season all year round. Sure enough, there might be durian cafes to help tide us through, but more often than not the prices are far from wallet-friendly. 99 Old Trees, known for their farm-to-table durians and durian delivery service, have now crafted the most decadent Durian Mousse to give...

Phoenix Lava — Famous Oozy Durian Lava Buns From Bangkok Opens In Raffles Place

6 July

A new addition to Raffles Xchange’s rows of coffee stops and mini eateries comes Phoenix Lava, the famous lava bun brand from Bangkok that boasts a huge array of fluffy buns with oozy fillings. The more popular option—one that has driven the internet insane as of late—is their signature Monthong Durian Lava Bun. Once an exclusive snack that could only...