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10 Underrated Traditional Chinese Dessert Spots In Singapore You’ve Never Heard Of

15 July

Cakes and ice cream can vie for our attention all they want. But at the end of the day, there’s always something special about a warm bowl of tau suan or creamy yam paste. Traditional Chinese desserts are (quite literally) one of the sweetest ways to get a taste of nostalgia.  They’re ubiquitous, affordable and so darn’ delicious. Most of us...

Chow Zan Dessert — New Traditional Chinese Dessert Shop That Serves Unique White Chendol

11 February

It seems like North Bridge Road is becoming a hotspot for new cafes and eateries, with several establishments moving in since the start of this year. One of the new kids on the block is Chow Zan Dessert, a casual dessert eatery that does some solid traditional Chinese desserts. Yet another spot for mango pomelo sago and black sesame paste?...

Ayman-Alam Desserts — This Muslim-Friendly Dessert Stall Has Only One Item On Their Menu

10 May

Singapore is home to a plethora of different desserts; from traditional bowls of ice kachang to contemporary ones such as Korean bingsu, there is something out there for everyone. When it comes to traditional desserts, one of our absolute favourites is a comforting bowl of cheng tng. This old school favourite is essentially a sweet soup that is chock full...