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18 Zion Road Char Kway Teow – One of Singapore’s Hawker Legends

18 October

When you think of local food in Singapore, dishes that pop up in your mind immediately would definitely include Nasi Lemak, Chilli Crab and of course, Char Kway Teow. So, what makes a good plate of char kway teow? The answer is wok-hei, the amount of “liao” (ingredients) and the secret black sauce that gives the dish its amazing savoury flavour!...

7 Local Hawker Dishes That Epitomise The Term “Wok Hei”

21 September

If you are a Singaporean, let alone Chinese, and you still don’t know what the term “wok hei” refers to, then you need to buckle up and read this article because you are missing out on some very important information. In Chinese, the term wok hei translates to, “breath of the wok”, which might sound dramatic (as all Chinese sayings...

11 Best Char Kway Teow In Singapore That’s Worth The Heart Attack

24 August

Hawker delicacies are aplenty in Singapore, and perhaps one of the most popular local dishes is Char Kway Teow, and for a very good reason too. The combination of dark sweet sauce, pork lard and the fragrant and flavourful wok hei make this dish delightfully sinful yet satisfying. Apart from the usual artery-clogging dish we all know and love, another variation is its Penang...