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10 Vegetarian Hawker Stalls In Singapore To Get Meatless Versions Of Your Favourite Dishes

12 July

If you’re a newly initiated member of the vegetarian community or you’re simply a curious carnivore, we’re here to set you straight. There are vegetarian F&B stalls in Singapore that whip up incredible meatless versions of your beloved hawker delights. We’ve included all your favourites, from satay to oyster omelette. Trust us, they’re legit. Check out these 10 vegetarian hawker stalls in...

Green on Earth Vegetarian Café – A (Very) Spicy Twist on the Typical Vegetarian Fare

22 November

Sometimes being vegetarian can mean giving up some of your favourite dishes. Especially with everyone’s love for mala these days, it is easy to feel left out when you are stuck with a bowl of lacklustre greens while your friends are swarming around with their bowls of meat piled high. But what if we told you vegetarian mala exists? And...

Tian Yuan Healthy Vegetarian Food – Homely Vegetarian Eatery at Fortune Centre

27 June

Fortune Centre is a popular haunt among vegetarians in Singapore due to the plethora of vegetarian eateries and shops there. Despite being tucked away behind the main atrium, Tian Yuan Healthy Vegetarian Food sees a constant flow of patrons. This humble eatery which takes up two small shop spaces across each other is run by a friendly elderly couple who...