StuffedWing – Fried Chicken Wings Stuffed With Nasi Lemak, Nonya Curry & More!

12 September
StuffedWing Collage

Chicken wings are perhaps, the global favourite finger food, regardless if it’s steamed, deep-fried or braised. Here at StuffedWing, they take it up a notch by stuffing their wings with some of our favourite local dishes into the wings themselves—hence the name. 

Tucked away in the corner of the centre stall of the Kopitiam at Tampines Mall, they’re almost too easy to miss, if not for their display counter that’s filled with countless numbers of gorgeous deep-fried wings.

StuffedWing Menu

Since we couldn’t decide on which few to try, the obvious answer was to get all of them. We ordered their Royal Flush Set (S$16.80), which included all four of their signature wings (S$3.80/each) as well as their regular wing (S$2.90).

StuffedWing Original


Ambitiously stuffed with prawns while still being the cheapest of the lot, the flavours reminded us very much of a cross between har gao and har geong gai, all within a chicken wing. Deboned and filled generously with a mixture of prawns, we enjoyed the mixture of textures as well as the subtle sweetness derived from the fresh prawns.

The prawns still retained their crunch, but beyond the usual fried chicken flavour, there wasn’t much more to it.

StuffedWing Nasi Lemak


While chicken wings normally play second fiddle to nasi lemak, not here. Perhaps the biggest one of the lot, the wing was bursting full of coconut-infused rice. Though the rice was a tad bit too overcooked for our liking, it was incredibly fragrant from the pandan and coconut, giving it that extra oomph.

StuffedWing Salted Egg Yolk


Combining two decadent zi char favourites into a single dish, their rendition of salted egg yolk and chicken truly impressed. While the sauce might not be the most authentic tasting one out there, the prawns coated in the creamy, spicy sauce reminded us of those salted egg dishes from a typical economical rice stall—not the best, but satisfying nonetheless.

StuffedWing Mac n Cheese


This dish fuses two of America’s biggest comfort food into one. The mac and cheese is made from a mixture of four different types of cheese. Perhaps it’s the result of being cooked twice that made the macaroni too soft for our liking, but it led to an overall creamier cheese filling that filled every nook and cranny within the chicken, making for a mouthful of decadent cheesy goodness.

StuffedWing Signature Nonya Curry


Perhaps our favourite of the lot, this version is stuffed with spicy curry potatoes. The gravy didn’t ooze out of the chicken, but kept the insides moist and evenly spiced throughout. The taste was very much reminiscent of a meaty curry puff, while less lemak, was still rich and flavourful. Though it had chilled a little by the time we had it, the potatoes were still steaming when we tore it open.

StuffedWing might seem gimmicky at first glance, but we’d still willingly return again for another meal. The wings were surprisingly filling and were enough as a whole meal on their own. If Tampines is just too far to travel to, they also offer delivery for the masses, so there’s no reason not to give these stuffed wings a try.

4 Tampines Central 5
#04-27/28/29 Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
Daily: 11am – 9pm
Nearest Station: Tampines

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