Famous Fishball Noodles Shop Song Kee Reopens At Joo Chiat

11 April
Song Kee Noodles

Having had Song Kee’s delightful fishball noodles for years at their Upper Serangoon Road outlet, we were delighted to find out that they have reopened at Joo Chiat. There is something about Song Kee’s fishball noodles that just tastes like home and we can never have enough of it.

The long queues at Song Kee never bothered us because we know that they always deliver an amazing bowl of noodles. Thus, do expect to wait for quite some time before the food arrives at your table. If you are unable to wait, visit Song Kee at non-peak hours to ensure that your food arrives faster.

For us, the best part about Song Kee, is their to-die-for fish dumplings. Since this new outlet is handled by the original owners, you can expect the most genuine Song Kee fishball noodles at this new location. We visited their new establishment to check the place out and to see if their bowl of noodles is just as good (or better) than what they served at Upper Serangoon Road.

Song Kee Joo Chiat

The new location is bigger than their original one so there is a higher chance for you to grab a seat. We reccommend ordering your food first before finding a seat as you will still have to wait quite a while after ordering. Seats clear up pretty quickly and you can even share tables with others during peak hours.

We visited the place around 7pm on a weekday and we got a seat immediately. Our wait was around 25 to 30 minutes and it got gradually more crowded around 8pm. We picked the original noodles with a mixture of fishballs, fish dumplings and more. The original bowl of noodles come in three sizes, priced at S$4, S$6 and S$8.

Song Kee Fish Ball

The S$4 bowl was more than enough to fill us up but if you are a big fan of their famous fish dumplings, opt for the S$6 version where you get more toppings. While the S$6 version came in a bigger bowl, we did not find it significantly bigger than the S$4 version.

The handmade fishballs and fish dumplings were just as good as they were and we were so happy to dig into it. The fishballs have a bouncier feel to regular machine-made versions and they were massive. However, the fish dumplings were stole the show as usual. Tasty and oh-so-satisfying, we just wanted more after gobbling one up.

One thing that disappointed us greatly, was the texture of the noodles. They were over-cooked and slightly soggy which ruined the overall experience for us slightly. Would we head back again? Definitely. Those fish dumplings are truly fantastic!

Tembeling Road sits in a small road in Joo Chiat so parking can be a huge problem. Getting there by public transport or a cab would be the best option as parking spaces are extremely limited.

Song Kee Fishball Noodles
128 Tembeling Rd
Singapore 423638
Tel: +65 9336 2745
Daily: 11.30am to 9.30pm
Nearest Station: Eunos

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