Rumah Sayang – Halal Eatery at Jem Serving Great Nasi Padang & Curry Fish Head

22 October
Rumah Sayang Cover

Singapore is blessed to have a diversity of cuisines, but nothing beats a good ol’ bowl of local delights! Introducing Rumah Sayang, a Halal, Peranakan-themed eatery at Jem dishing out affordable local fare.

Known for their signature nasi padang and nasi lemak, this is the place to go to indulge the Singaporean in you. The eatery is located on the basement level at Jem; you can spot it from afar with its marble tables and red-cushioned seats.

Rumah Sayang Curry Fish Head

First up, we had the Curry Fish Head Set (S$20.90), accompanied with two steaming plates of white rice. The curry was thick and creamy, pairing nicely with the rice. It had a nice tinge of sourness and was not overwhelmingly spicy. The fresh fish was also tender and succulent, giving a moreish sweetness to the dish.

Rumah Sayang Tauhu Goreng

The set also included Tahu Goreng (S$4.50), garnished with bean sprouts, ground peanuts, cucumber and onion slices. The tofu was nicely fried with a crisp skin and airy middle, sitting atop a bed of sauce. The sauce was well-balanced with both sweet and sour notes, giving flavour to the tahu.

Rumah Sayang Satay Mee Robus

We also tried the Mee Rebus with Satay (S$6); we thought the pairing of well-loved satay and mee rebus was quite smart! We enjoyed slurping the yellow noodles down with the slightly sweet, yet spicy gravy; together with the lime, it added tangy nuances to the luscious dish.

Rumah Sayang Nasi Assam Fish Pedas Nasi Padang

You have to order R Nasi Assam Fish Pedas Nasi Padang (S$6.80). The coated chilli sauce on the assam fish and side vegetables gave the dish a fiery kick of spice; it also had a hint of sweetness. The fragrant rice complemented the ingredients, making it an addictive platter.

Rumah Sayang Chendol

A meal is not complete without dessert! We got the Chendol (S$4), which was served in a cute little cup. Props to Rumah Sayang for presenting a traditional dish differently from the usual bowls sold at hawker stalls!

It was not overwhelmingly sweet, and the coconut milk gave the dessert a creamy mouthfeel. The shaved ice was also smooth in texture. It was a refreshing treat, a stark contrast to the spicy dishes we had earlier.

Rumah Sayang
50 Jurong Gateway Rd
#B1-41/42 Jem
Singapore 608549
Daily: 8am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Jurong East

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