Naughty Boyz – Singapore’s Only Pop-Up Mac & Cheese Stall With Innovative Flavours

24 April
Naughty Boyz Ft Img

Every school has that bunch of kids who are labelled by teachers and schoolmates as the “naughty” ones. These are the children who are constantly standing outside classrooms and perceived to have no ambition other than to wreak havoc.

25-year-old Rashid, the founder of Muslim-owned Naughty Boyz was one of those students whom teachers thought wouldn’t make it far in life. However, with the stellar mac & cheese that he has been selling, the Rashid today has proven that not all mischievous young punks are necessarily failures.

Naughty Boyz Rashid

The culinary graduate started as a student with no help or money. The lack of capital had him walking around pasar malams with his homemade mac and cheese giving out samples for others to try out his creations. That led him to find a partner and, together, they progressed to co-owning the first Naughty Boyz pop-up stall and subsequently achieved their first success in Tampines in 2015.

Now helmed by Rashid himself, Naughty Boyz is the only brand in Singapore’s pasar malam pop-up culture to serve baked mac and cheese and theirs come in a few flavours.

Naughty Boyz Mac & Cheese

The Original and Spicy Mac & Cheese are standard flavours and are priced at S$5 and S$7 for a small and medium portion respectively.

Beneath the crusty golden brown cheese layer are large pieces of al dente macaroni doused in a creamy homemade sauce and mixed with various ingredients.

Naughty Boyz Spicy

Those who find ordinary Mac & Cheese too boring should order up a portion of the Spicy flavour, an innovation unique to Naughty Boyz.

Compared to the Original flavour, the Spicy version comes with more herbs and spices as well as chilli padi, giving the gravy a slight reddish hue and a mild fiery taste. If the spiciness isn’t intense enough for you, get the staff to add more chilli padi into your mac and cheese!

Otherwise, you may wish to top up an additional S$2 for their Salted Egg flavour.

Naughty Boyz

Naughty Boyz also has a special menu for each pop-up with ever-changing dishes such as pasta and steak. These exclusive dishes are for Rashid to test his culinary skills in preparation for his dream of a future restaurant which we—no doubt—are looking forward to.

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