Mizzy Corner – The Famous Changi Village Nasi Lemak with Amazing Sambal & Basmati Rice

19 April

Changi Village Food Centre is known for the countless nasi lemak stalls there, making it a go-to spot to get a nasi lemak craving satisfied. Amongst the crowd stands Mizzy Corner, one of the more popular stall with customers constantly joining the queue. If you were to do a Google search on the best nasi lemak stall in Changi Village Food Centre, it is likely Mizzy Corner will be one of the top results.

We had to try it out for ourselves to know what the rave is all about and why people actually travel all the way to Changi Village just for a plate of nasi lemak.

Mizzys Corner Chicken

First up, we had Set A (S$3.50) that came with chicken, egg and ikan bilis on a pretty pink floral plate. The rice looked promising as we could see the well-separated grains with no clumps, yay! They use basmati rice instead of the regular jasmine rice, which is a slightly longer grain that turns out fluffier and softer. True enough, they were soft, fluffy and held hints of coconut and pandan flavours.

While the chicken wing was a little lacklustre, tough and could have done with more marination, the sambal saved it.

Boy, the sambal was a-ma-zing and made everything better – sweet yet savoury with a good level of spice. We believe they blended ikan bilis into the paste, which was what made it extremely fragrant and flavourful.

Mizzys Corner Ikan

Set C (S$4.50) had the same ingredients, but with fried fish instead of chicken. The fish were thoroughly fried till golden, which might have made it lose its moisture and tenderness. However, we enjoyed the crisp on the outer layers of the fish.

The egg that was served on both plates were not fried like how we like our usual sunny-side up – a bit of crust around the edges of the egg, while the centre remaining slightly runny.

Mizzys Corner Stall

2 Changi Village Rd
Singapore 500002
Tel: +65  9816 4419
Daily: 7:30am – 1am

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