Science Centre Singapore Unveils Asia’s Largest Mirror Maze Exhibition

16 June
Science Cente Singapore Mirror Maze

If you grew up studying in Singapore, trips to the Science Centre Singapore was something you would have always looked forward to during the school holidays. Throughout the decades, there have been constant changes to permanent large-scale exhibitions but none can match up to their latest initiative—Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze.

Opened to the public from 14 June 2017 onwards, the gigantic instalment is created by Adrian Fisher Design—the world’s leading maze design company that has won seven Guinness World Records. This happens to be Asia’s largest mirror maze exhibition and you can expect to complete the maze within 20 to 30 minutes.

If the last time you went to Science Centre Singapore was during your primary school days, we say that it is time to revisit the place again.

Science Centre Mirror Maze

Visitors are greeted by 105 mirror cells, more than 17 interactive exhibits and mind-boggling holographic projections. Remember to take a foam guide stick before you begin the journey so that you would not hit the mirrors by accident.

Science Centre Maze

While you are having fun wandering around, pause for some pictures against the trippy colourful background—the maze makes for great OOTD shots that will spice up your Instagram feed. We had so much fun taking Boomerang videos along the way!

Science Centre Illusion

There are also dummy exits designed along the way to bring the difficulty level up a notch so you will have a fun time figuring your way around. In fact, it is so tricky that you would end up turning around in circles inside the mirror maze. However, that made success so much sweeter when we managed to stumble out of the right exit!

Science Centre The Mind's Eye

Do not leave without going to The Mind’s Eye, another permanent feature at Science Centre Singapore showcasing more optical illusions that will leave you feeling bewildered.

Science Centre Singapore

Entrance to Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze is free but the usual admission fee (S$6 for Singaporeans & Permanent Residents, S$12 for Non-Citizens or PR) into Science Centre Singapore still applies. Bring your friends and family there for a fun and trippy kaleidoscopic experience!

Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze
Hall A, Science Centre Singapore
15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081
Daily: 10am – 6pm
Nearest Station: Jurong East

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