Ma Bo Lor Mee – S$2.50 Lor Mee In Bedok That Hits The Spot

2 March
ma bo lor mee

When it comes to hawker stalls in Singapore, more often than not we try to avoid stalls that overdo it with their offerings. Being ambitious is great but sometimes it pays to bite off more than you can chew. Over at Ma Bo Lor Mee, one can expect to tuck into the likes of anything from the humble lor mee to laksa and other delights as well.

Yet, contrary to our prior impression, we were proven wrong when we ordered up a bowl of lor mee to try for ourselves.

ma bo lor mee exterior

A small bowl of lor mee here only costs a mere S$$2.50, while a large bowl costs s$3.50. At such an affordable price, it is no wonder why people are willing to wait so long in a queue just to get their hands on a bowl of Ma Bo’s Lor Mee

ma bo lor mee

We ordered a small bowl and were surprised to see how generous the portions were! Definitely worth your s$2.50.

ma bo lor mee pull

The thick noodles were generously smothered in thick, dark gravy. The gravy was incredibly smooth and rich, just how we like our lor mee gravy to be.

This hearty concoction was also topped with a generous amount of fish cakes, egg, pork belly and a slice of fried fish. We love how the ingredients soaked up all that luscious gravy, creating a party in our mouths. We can definitely understand why people both young and old were willing to queue so long just for a bowl of lor mee. We really recommend that you should try it out no matter how intimidating the queue looks.

Ma Bo Lor Mee
216 Bedok North Street 1, #01-76
Singapore 460216
Daily: 6am – 6pm
Nearest Station: Bedok

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