Leng Saap – Instaworthy XXL Spicy Pork Bone Dish From Bangkok In Golden Mile Tower

13 March
Leng Saap Cover

If you’re a frequent traveller to Bangkok, Thailand, Rot Fai Market should be no stranger to you. The city is home to plenty of huge night markets with endless shopping options and of course, numerous food stalls that whip up the most authentic version of delicious Thai food, and Rot Fai Market is especially known for their unique street food that come in monster portions.

Translating to ‘Spicy Pork Bone Soup’, Leng Saap is a dish originating from Thailand which is essentially made up of gigantic portions of pork ribs and pork spine, doused in a full-flavoured spicy broth packed with lots of lime, chilli and coriander.

Good news for us Singaporeans, we can now find this mouthwatering dish here on our sunny island right in Golden Mile Tower!

Leng Saap Pork Bone Soup 1

The first of such to be found in Singapore, their Leng Saap (S$18/25/40/55) is one dish we reckon you should try at least once especially if you haven’t had the original version in Thailand.

Their savoury pork bone soup is mixed up with crushed chillis, heaps of cilantro and lime before being poured over the generous helpings of pork ribs and pork spine that were stacked atop one another to form a mountain.

Spicy, tangy and savoury, the broth is exceptionally flavourful and we absolutely adore how intensely fragrant it is.

Leng Saap Pork Bone 2

The pork meat is also a showstopper in its own right. Barely any effort is required to peel off the fork-tender meat off its bones—braised in a pork broth made using pork bones for hours over, you must try it for yourself to believe how soft the meat is!

Though each bone doesn’t have much meat individually, given the monstrous portions, the amount of meat really does add up and make for a filling meal.

Leng Saap Creamy Omelette with Prawn

Besides their signature dish, look forward to a range of side dishes that will serve as great accompaniments to your meal.

We opted for the Creamy Omelette with Prawns (S$10)—creamy and soft, this dish reminded us of scrambled eggs more so than omelettes. The egg dish came with a helping of tomatoes and prawn bits mixed in, as well as some coriander to bring out an added aroma.

Other options for side dishes include Fried Prawns with Garlic (S$10), Creamy Omelette with Squid (S$10) and Fried Kangkong (S$7).

Leng Saap Exterior

Leng Saap @ Rot Fai Market
6001 Beach Road
Golden Mile Tower #B1-65
Singapore 199589
Tel: +65 8119 6664
Daily: 12pm – 12 midnight
Nearest Station: Nicoll Highway

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