Kuai San Dian Xin – Affordable Dim Sum In The West At Only S$1.30 Each

25 July
130 Dim Sum 1

Tucked away in a little coffee shop in Lakeside, Kuai San Dian Xin is the place to go for affordable dim sum in the West. Located just a 10-min walk away from Lakeside MRT station, Kuai San Dian Xin offers an array of dim sum that will excite you because they are priced at just S$1.30 each!

Yes, this includes a full bowl of Century Egg Porridge, baskets of freshly-steamed dim sum, buns and other fried snacks. You can have a full-blown meal with a huge variety for less than S$10 and eat to your heart’s content.

Even if you are just looking for a midday snack, you can grab a Fried Carrot Cake or Chicken Pao that will satisfy your cravings. This is such an incredible steal. Good things, must share!

130 Storefront

The storefront displays all the fried snacks and steamed buns and you can pick your favourites to try. The actual dim sum in baskets will only be steamed upon order to ensure ultimate freshness. This humble store is a great value-for-money option if you are craving dim sum because you can enjoy a wide variety at a fraction of what you would spend at a regular dim sum restaurant.  You are sure to leave with your tummies full and contented.

130 Dim Sum Lakeside

The Har Gow (Prawn Dumpling) and Siew Mai were our favourites. For just S$1.30 you get 3 decent prawn dumplings. The filling inside the Har Gow was tasty and the skin was thin and cooked well. However, the Siew Mai was the best of the lot. Meaty and plump, you really get your money’s worth with these dumplings.

130 Siew Mai

Dip your siew mai into some chilli sauce and you are good to go. The Steamed Chicken Feet is decent as well and there isn’t much to complain since it is just a mere S$1.30.

Siew Mai & Bao

The Chicken Pao was satisfying as the filling inside was seasoned well. The bun itself was fluffy but not too thick, to let the actual chicken meat inside shine. Kuai San Dian Xin also has Paper-Wrapped Chicken, a classic Dim Sum dish with a similar seasoning if you want to ditch the carbs.

There were a couple of other dim sums we wanted to try but quite a number of them were either sold out or unavailable for the day. Instead of the HK Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun, we opted for the regular Chee Cheong Fun with sweet sauce and chilli instead. While it did not wow us, the dish was decent with the right texture.

130 porridge

One of our favourite things to get at Dim Sum restaurants is Century Egg Porridge. A full bowl with generous ingredients is only S$1.30 here. One bowl is enough to fill us up for a simple lunch! If you are a student, this would be perfect for you. You don’t need to fork out a huge amount just to satisfy your porridge cravings.

Kuai San Dian Xin currently has two outlets with the other at Woodlands Primz Bizhub which opens for 24 hours. If you are looking for a cheap and yummy meal in the West, this is your best bet!

Kuai San Dian Xin
Blk 346A, Kang Ching Road
#01-01 Singapore 611346
Daily: 6am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Lakeside

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