Kabayan Filipino Restaurant—A Hidden Gem In Lucky Plaza Serving Authentic Filipino Fast Food

19 September
Kebayan Filipino Food

Homey, warm and affordable, Kabayan Filipino Restaurant is reminiscent of the typical carinderia or fast-food in the Philippines and it is where we go for authentic Filipino fare that packs a punch.

This canteen-like eatery features a wide selection of popular Filipino dishes; from rustic appetisers, mains, to desserts—all of which are as delicious as they are visually stunning. That being said, it is not surprising to see lots of Filipinos, as well as some locals, flock in here during the weekends. This serves as a good indication that this is the place to come to for a real-deal comforting meal.

Whether you have a love for authentic Filipino fare, or perhaps you have a curious tongue, we urge you to head on down to Kabayan Filipino Restaurant. You won’t be disappointed, we promise.

Kebayan Dishes

The process of how things are done here is a no-brainer. There isn’t much of a menu, so all you have to do is simply head straight to the food counter and point out which dishes you’d like to order. At the end of the queue is where you pay and of course choose your add-ons, be it a beverage or a dessert.


In Filipino cuisine, common flavour profiles include savouriness from garlic, sourness from vinegar and sweetness from sugar, and the chefs here at Kabayan have years of experience under their belt to guarantee consistency in their dishes all the time.

Staying true to the rustic and intense flavours of the Philippines, most if not all the dishes here possess an intense quality that is sure to stump first-timers, which is why we highly recommend pairing your meal with white rice, the mellower vegetable side dishes or dessert.

Kebayan Rice Plate


Prices at Kabayan Filipino Restaurant are kept very affordable, considering its location in Orchard Road. A standard Turo-Turo Plate (S$4.50) comes with 2 dishes of choice but good luck picking just two because the options here are endless.

And in case you were wondering what Turo-Turo means, it literally means ‘point-point’, because that is what you literally do as you order your food.

We decided to go for the lumpia, a Filipino spring roll stuffed with pork as well as the pork adobo.

Kebayan Tapsilog 2


One of the most iconic breakfast staples in the Philippines is Tapsilog, which is essentially garlic fried rice topped with a sunny side up egg, and meat combination that encompasses both sweet and savoury flavours.

If that is your idea of hearty, then Kabayan has got you covered. Their Tapsilog (S$6.50) is one of the restaurant’s best-sellers and for good reason. The fried rice is aromatic and the garlic provides a savouriness that pairs well with the sweet beef. Like any good rice dish, the egg just completes it.

It is also served with slices of tomato and cucumber and a pickled papaya salad which does well to cut through the intense flavours and fattiness of the dish.


Kebayan Halo Halo

The hallmark of Filipino sweet treats is the Halo Halo (S$3.90). This colossal mess is made up of a mixture of shaved ice, coloured sugar syrup, and variety of ingredients such as sweet potato, assorted types of jelly, kidney beans, purple taro ice cream as well as a generous drizzle of coconut milk.

For lack of a better comparison, we’d say that the Halo Halo is similar in style to the Chendol dessert that we all know and love.


Overall, we were very happy with our experience here, despite the fact that it can get rather loud during busy periods, the food itself speaks volumes.

Kebayan Filipino Restaurant
#03-25 Lucky Plaza,
304 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238863
Daily: 9am – 9pm
Nearest Station: Orchard

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