This 24-Hour Eatery In Yishun Sells Both Thai Dishes AND Prata

15 February
Islamic Seafood Paradise Collage

Residing in the infamous Yishun is Islamic Seafood Paradise, a restaurant that sells prata classics as well as Thai food. Having recently gone through a revamp, diners can expect a smorgasbord of over 100 items on their menu!

Situated just a street away from the popular Chong Pang Food Market, Islamic Seafood Paradise is where you should head to if you’re pining for something a little more unusual for supper. Their prata impressed but the showstopper was unmistakably their Tom Yum Seafood Soup. Prata and tom yum—who would’ve thought this odd combination could actually work.


Islamic Seafood Paradise Prata Collage

There are several points we look out for when determining whether a prata is good or bad—a crispy exterior, a fluffy centre and one that isn’t drowned in oil. We ordered up a Kosong Prata (S$1) and, truth be told, it ticked all of those boxes.

Their Prata Bomb (S$2) is, for the lack of a better description, truly the bomb. Break open the crispy dough on the outside to reveal a mix of butter, sugar and condensed milk inside. This sinful combination of ingredients may be laden with heaps of calories but trust us when we say that it is all worth it. Sweet, buttery and doughy all in one, this is one cholesterol-laden dish we wouldn’t mind shovelling down our throats.


Islamic Seafood Paradise Sambal Sotong Nasi Goreng

For something heartier, opt for their Nasi Goreng (S$7). Diners will be able to customise their individual servings of Nasi Goreng by choosing the protein and sauce to go with it. Meat choices include beef, chicken, squid and seafood while sauce choices include sambal, salted egg yolk, spicy buttermilk and sweet & sour sauce, just to name a few.

We chose to have Sotong Nasi Goreng with Sambal Sauce. A huge portion of nasi goreng came with a generous helping of fresh squid slices that are tossed in greens and sambal sauce. The squid pieces were tender yet give a good chew at the same time, while the sambal sauce was balanced between sweet and spicy.

Fear not if you do not have a good tolerance for spice, for the sambal sauce is pretty manageable, even for weaklings like us.


Islamic Seafood Paradise Tom Yum Soup

The Tom Yum Soup at Islamic Seafood Paradise, however, sure does pack a mean punch. We found it slightly strange to find such a huge variety of Thai dishes in an Indian restaurant, but to our surprise, they nailed the Tom Yum Soup down to. T.

For S$9.50, what you get in a single serving is a generous portion of fresh prawns, mushrooms, fish, squid and vegetables drowned in a full-flavoured broth that is aptly sour, sweet, and not to mention, spicy. Despite the intense spice, we thoroughly enjoyed the robust flavours. Note that the portion is pretty huge so it is better for sharing between two people!

Islamic Seafood Paradise Exterior

Islamic Seafood Paradise
Blk 102 Yishun Ave 5
Singapore 760102
Tel: +65 9690 5474
Daily: 24 hours
Nearest Station: Yishun

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