McDonald’s Hong Kong Now Offers Gudetama Themed Meals

12 June
GUDETAMA macdonalds

Source: HK Food Crave

Gudetama is the lazy egg character, and was only created in recent years during a 2013 Sanrio contest. But he has already taken Asia – especially Hong Kong – by storm with its iconic sloth-looking egg yolk face. We’ve never seen any cuter eggs, that’s for sure.

And guess what? Hong Kongers can now get their fix of Gudetama in several edible forms! First, it was Dim Sum Icon’s limited edition lava-oozing Gudetama custard buns, and next, it was Gudetama Café by Izumi Curry’s curry rice.

McDonald’s and McCafe have too jumped onto the bandwagon to feed fans a kawaii selection of Gudetama themed food. Look forward to cutesy dishes such as Gudetama-style rice burgers, cheeseballs and McFlurry ice-cream!

McDonald’s Gudetama rice burgers are available in either beef or chicken. The former comprises two beef patties, a fried egg, meat sauce and lettuce sandwiched between rice buns; while the latter has a fried chicken, mixed vegetable corn cake and mayonnaise stuffed between two rice patties. Each McDonald’s Gudetama meal starts from HK$36.

Other Gudetama-style dishes include the Creme Brûlée McFlurry (HK$8.50), Potato Cheese Balls (HK$6 for five pieces) and Lychee Punch (HK$4). Too cute, too cute! How could anyone resist not ordering anything?!

gudetama maccasSource: McDonalds

McCafé is also offering a series of Gudetama-style dishes – namely Creme Brûlée Cheesecake, Creme Brûlée Latte imprinted with Gudetama latte art, and Toasties with Chicken, Ham and Egg.

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