Guang Tai Lor Mee – No-Frills Lor Mee Stall With Generous Portions At Only $3

4 December
Guang Tai Lor Mee Lift

A dish that never fails to satisfy the soul albeit it looking like a tragic mess, is lor mee. This mouthwatering Hokkien dish is always packed full of rich, robust flavours and is incredibly satisfying to slurp down. There are many stalls scattered all over Singapore that sell this gooey noodle dish but few do it as tastily as we would like.

Stumbling upon Guang Tai, a humble lor mee stall in Jurong East, we were drawn initially by its affordability. S$3 for a seemingly large bowl of lor mee didn’t seem like a bad deal but whether it blew our minds, you’d have to continue reading to find out.

Guant Tai Lor Mee Store Front

This nondescript stall specialises in lor mee and literally just lor mee. They sell it for just S$3 and the portion size is surprisingly generous considering its relatively low price.

The stall is run by 2 very adorable, polite aunties who never fail to greet every single one of their patrons. However, they are a tad slow in getting their act together, so a long wait is inevitable during lunchtime. The portion sizes here are generous, and the red bowl presented to us was filled to the brim with delicious, thick noodles and ingredients that were soaked in a fragrant, starchy brown sauce.

Guang Tai Lor Mee Noodle Pull

The sauce was very thick, yet not to the point where it was too overwhelming. The noodles were well cooked and of just the right thickness which helped to hold all that delicious gravy.

Guang Tai Ingredient Collage

We also like how despite the fact that each bowl only cost S$3, they were very generous with their ingredients, and each bowl was filled with egg, ngoh hiong, and chunks of pork belly.

Guang Tai may not have the best lor mee that we have ever had, but they do serve up some decent bowls of it that are enough to fulfil any lor mee craving that you have.

Guang Tai Lor Mee 
347 Jurong East Avenue 1
Singapore 600347
Daily: 6am – 8.30pm
Nearest Station: Chinese Garden

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