Granny’s Pancakes — Peanut Pancakes That’ll Reward You With A Sense Of Nostalgia

26 December
Granny's Pancakes Collage

Love peanut pancakes? So do we. There is something oh-so-nostalgic about chomping down on these peanut-laden goodies and we absolutely love the little crunch from the granules of sugar coupled with the nutty aroma of these traditional cakes.

Stalls that specialise in peanut cakes are a dime in a dozen nowadays and its the folks like the ones who run Granny’s Pancake that make us all the more thankful that this childhood favourite hasn’t yet been completely lost. Serving up the classic peanut cake as well as others with different fillings, this humble stall in Chinese Garden is really worth making the trip down for a sense of nostalgia and a yummy sweet treat to match.

Granny's Pancakes Store Front

Granny’s Pancake is tucked away in a crevice of Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre, and they serve up a decent variety of old-school confectioneries ranging from S$0.80 to S$1 per piece.

Granny's Pancake Peanut Pancake

At Granny’s Pancake, 3 different kinds of fillings are offered: Red Bean, Peanut and Coconut. We got ourselves a piece of the classic peanut pancake which was served still warm, delightfully chewy, soft and very thick. Sandwiched in between was a generous dollop of peanut filling that filled every nook and crevice of the pancake.

The peanut filling was fragrant and perfectly salty and nutty, and we like how it still retained a delightful crunch from the peanuts.

Granny’s Pancake 
Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre
Blk 347 Jurong East Avenue 1, #01-185
Singapore 600347
Daily: 6am – 8.30pm
Nearest Station: Chinese Garden

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