Don Don Donki — Japan’s Largest Discount Store Is Opening In Orchard Central

29 November
Don Don Donki

Have you heard? Japan’s largest and most popular Japanese discount chain store, Don Quijote or known in Singapore as Don Don Donki, has opened its first South-east Asian outpost in Orchard Central in an alluring shop space that boasts an eclectic retail experience for all Singaporeans. For those of you who are new to the brand, they are known for selling a wide variety of goods at bargain prices—from cosmetics, groceries, electronics and even pet supplies.

Don Don Donki is the colossal brand’s first foray into the Southeast Asian market and as the first flagship outlet in Asia, it aims to position itself as the ‘Japanese Brand Specialist’ by offering products that are either made or designed in Japan such as their wide range of cosmetic products, liquor and fresh produce.

Come 1 December 2017, we will all be able to unleash our inner shopping demons and what better excuse do we have to do so than to prepare for Christmas. We hope that you are as stoked as we are because this is one shopping destination you do not want to miss!

The chain first opened in 1989 in Japan and is known for being a one-stop convenience discount store that keeps to late hours, with some stores even operating 24/7. The store adopts a Hokkaido-esque theme that screams vibrancy and endless excitement for all shoppers.

Its debut Singapore outlet boasts a double-storey retail space and features a wide array of products spanning from home decoration to cosmetics as well as a wide range of fresh produce that comes shipped directly from Hokkaido. And the best part is, Don Don Donki at Orchard Central will operate 24-hours, seven days a week!

Don Don Donki Hokkaido Beef

Fans of Japanese Wagyu or Kobe beef can look forward to a massive counter featuring nothing but the best that Japan has to offer in terms of sheer beefy goodness. Their beef, as well as their other meat products, are shipped over directly from Hokkaido via special containers that are designed to seal in the freshness of all of their perishable goods.

Don Don Donki Fresh Seafood

If you love sushi or fresh seafood as much as we do, you will be delighted to know that some rare catches that used to only be available in Hokkaido, will now be available at Don Don Donki. From huge sashimi and fresh fish counters to fridges containing many grab-and-go sushi options, shoppers will never be short of options when it comes to quality Japanese fare.

Don Don Donki Apples

One of their most interesting offerings is their selection of Japanese apples. While most local supermarkets typically feature two or three different varieties, the food hall in Don Don Donki showcases more than six—with some varieties that are so rare, you probably will not be able to find them anywhere else in Singapore.

Don Don Donki Munchies

Munchie fanatics are in for a treat because the rows of tidbits you can find here are endless.

Don Don Donki Cosmetics

For the ladies, you will be happy to know that they have got most (if not all) of your beauty and skincare needs sorted. With shelves upon shelves of body lotions, makeup and more, this could possibly be the next one-stop destination for all the ladies—plus it helps that their products are priced relatively cheaper too!

Don Don Donki Japanese Whisky

For the love of Japanese whiskey, shoppers (especially the guys) can revel in the splendour that is their enormous space solely dedicated to Japanese-made whiskies. From the high-end Hibiki to the slightly more underrated Black Nikka, whisky aficionados all have something to look forward to.

They even have a bar located within the liquor section where shoppers can feel free to sample some of the more intriguing rarities or simply sip on a tipple whilst soaking in the bustling atmosphere of Orchard Central.

Don Don Donki opens officially on 1 December 2017 and will be open for 24-hours, seven times a week. Despite having just officially launched, plans for a second outlet in Singapore is already in the works and is slated to open sometime in mid-2018 somewhere along the Tanjong Pagar area.

Don Don Donki
181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central
#B1-15 to #B1-29
#B2-01 to #B2-10, #B2-30 to #B2-43
Daily: 24-Hours
Nearest Station: Somerset

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