10 Dessert Table Themes and Ideas For Your Parties

15 June
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For those who might not know what a dessert table is, they are essentially a table spread filled with sweet treats – macarons, cupcakes, lollipops, meringues, candy etc – basically anything for the sweet tooth and would look gorgeous at the same time.

There are now a plethora of online or physical bakeries that cater dessert tables, with most of them even tweaking the dessert designs to suit the theme of your party. Whether it is for a baby shower, birthday celebration or even a wedding reception, dessert tables choices are aplenty and the possibilities are endless.

Still don’t know how one should look like? Here, we have 10 Dessert Table Themes & Ideas For Your Parties to inspire you.

Animal Dessert Table

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If you are looking at celebrating the birth of your little one or holding a birthday party for the children, animal themed dessert tables will make a great choice.

One easy way to set up an animal themed dessert table is to package most of the items on the dessert table with animal prints craft paper. Include animal fondant cupcakes, and remember to make it really colourful so that the kids will be happy!

Bohemian Dessert Table

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Bohemian chic dessert tables are unconventional and are best set for an outdoor party or a wedding.

We love the usage of hanging glass lamps, white flowy curtains and flower garlands that are commonly found in such settings to further exude the bohemian and hippie influences. Glass jars, framed typographies, and Mediterranean styled paintings are also common props on these dessert tables.

Comic Dessert Table

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For the comic-loving fans, no way you are passing up on this.

A Superhero theme sounds just about the best idea, and you start by printing out a banner of pop art city silhouettes as the backdrop. Fondant cupcakes are a must, with the various Superheroes’ logos. The exact shade of every colour is important too!

Floral Dessert Table

Photo Credit: Neviepiecakes.com


Floral should be every girl’s default choice, yes?

There are many variations of cousee – whether it is using fresh flowers as the backdrop, or filling up the table with vases of floral arrangements. It can also be as simple as scattering rose petals on the table top. A floral theme is versatile, and always exudes romance and simplicity.

Movie Dessert Table

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Let’s party with some Hollywood glitz and glam!

Deck your dessert table out with colours such as red, white and black. Sprinkle tons of glitter stars and DIY a humongous director clapper board to hang on the backdrop. You can too, customise your desserts according to the theme – movie reel cupcakes, popcorns, or gold sugar coated marshmallows.

Monochrome Dessert Table

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Monochrome is an all-time favourite.

Though the colour choices are unusual for a celebration, they are often adopted by major fashion and luxury labels, because the whole idea of monochrome is to adopt a classy look. This style is very easy to set up, and the dessert table can also call for some chocolate and vanilla macarons, or cake pops of the same colour genre.

Purple Dessert Table

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Pastel dessert tables are widely popular, especially if it is for weddings or a kid’s party.

Crafted pinwheels,  pastel buntings, table ribbons and paper pom-poms are often used for pastel themed dessert tables. These craft materials can be easily purchased at most craft stores or can  be made on your own – with instructions readily found online. Add on some pastel coloured macarons or gumdrops to complete the look!

Travel Dessert Table

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Travel themed dessert tables are fit for the wanderlusters.

The trick to setting up this dessert table lies in the various elements or souvenirs you can acquire from another country. Borrow them from your friends, or even print out flags of your favourite countries and string them together to form a stunning bunting. Together with the other knick-knacks such as a small suitcase or a globe, your guests will be set to go on an adventure with you.

Vegetarian Dessert Table

Photo Credit: Projectwedding.com

Yes, you heard us right. Dessert tables do not always have to be about candies and everything sweet, and there are other instances where you can opt for a healthier but delicious choice too!

This vegetarian themed dessert table can be made up of your favourite fruit tarts, fruit sticks, and little cups of vibrant watermelon salads. How about adding on some vegetable sticks with a selection of your favourite dressings? Who said dessert tables have to be unhealthy?

Dessert Table

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Think cut out snowflakes and tons of silver glitter. A Winter Wonderland can be made really stunning.

Star-shaped cookies topped with white icing sugar, silver chocolate sixlets in glass jars or spray painting an old tree branch and adding on white ornaments so that it resembles a snow-coated tree – these are but little details to start off with. You can also sprinkle icing powder on the table for that snowy effect!

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