Deanna’s Kitchen – Feast on The Best Halal Prawn Mee in Singapore with Succulent Seafood

11 November
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Fans of prawn mee would have heard of Deanna’s Kitchen, a renowned Halal prawn mee hawker chain gaining a cult following amongst the Muslim and Chinese community. Run by a husband-wife duo, Deanna’s Kitchen is the first place in Singapore to come up with their own Halal rendition of a classic Chinese dish: prawn mee.

Ever since converting to Islam after marrying her husband, the owner, Denise, wanted to recreate a Halal version of her favourite prawn mee as she wanted to share the taste of authentic prawn noodles with the Muslim community, so that they have a chance to try this well-loved Singaporean dish.

Originally only catering to online orders, the owners soon decided to open their own stall after receiving great feedback for their prawn noodles. We visited the Bedok outlet, which is their third stall in Singapore.

As they only serve prawn mee, the duo thought to spin their own twist to the usual “only prawn and noodle combination” and came up with a unique menu serving a variety of different options. Each option contains noodles topped with a myriad of huge seafood! They also sell their own speciality home-made fried shallots, which have become a popular snack amongst regulars.

Deanna's Big Prawn Mee

First up, we had their signature Big Prawn Mee (S$7.00), choosing the dry version and pairing it with a combination of both bee hoon and yellow noodles.

The dish came served in a huge bowl of spicy noodles, completed with three huge prawns. It was also accompanied with their ground chilli powder, which helped to add flavour to the already-spicy mixture.

Note that for the dry versions, you can choose between a spicy or non-spicy base.

Deanna's Kitchen Big Prawn Mee Prawn

We enjoyed biting into the thick flesh, as the prawns were fresh and full of succulent meat. Crack open the prawn and slurp on its head to taste its rich briny goodness!

Deanna's Kitchen Big Prawn Mee Noodles

The noodles, mixed together with their chilli sauce, definitely packed a fiery punch. With the strong spiciness, it elevated the flavour of the prawn noodles, giving it an extra oomph. The combination of both the different noodles added a nice contrasting texture as well.

Deanna's Kitchen Big Prawn and Clams Mee

We also tried their Big Prawns and Clam Mee (S$9.00), which came steeped in a mixture of a dozen Asari clams, huge prawns and fishcake slices atop a bed of noodles. It is then dusted with their well-loved fried shallots. The clams were all fresh with a firm, Q chew. We loved how the briny flavour of the clams added on to the sweetness of the broth!

Deanna's Kitchen Big Prawn and Clams Mee Laksa

We opted for the laksa noodles to absorb the broth, and the rich concoction was definitely the star of the show. A cut above the rest, the soup was laced with strong umami notes and was the perfect balance between sweet and savoury. Despite using chicken bones, the broth managed to achieve the same level of sweetness as pork bones.  It also had hints of pepper, which added on to its complex flavour.

Deanna's Kitchen Exterior

True to its promise, Deanna’s Kitchen serves up a mean bowl of authentic Halal prawn noodles that tastes just a good as our classic Chinese dish. This is the place to go if you are craving for a soulful bowl of prawn mee with fresh, succulent seafood and flavourful broth.

Deanna’s Kitchen Bedok Outlet
Block 129 Bedok North Street 2
#01-26 Mukmin Restaurant
Singapore 460129
Tel: +65 9424 5496
Tues to Thurs: 
10am – 7pm
Fri & Sat: 10am – 8pm
Sun: 9am – 2pm
(Closed on Mondays)
Nearest Station: Bedok 

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