Chye Kee – Underrated Chicken Rice Joint With Amazing Dry Macaroni

5 May
Chye Kee Goldhill

Succulent, flavour-packed and tender—these are the 3 quintessential components we look out for whenever we find ourselves craving chicken rice. Of course, there is more that goes into this iconic Singaporean dish than just the chicken alone, but what we look out for—first and foremost—is if the chicken makes a great first impression.

Over at Chye Kee Goldhill Roasted Chicken Rice, the display counter comprises rows and rows of gorgeously roasted chicken, char siew, pork belly and duck. This is one meat lover’s heaven that often sees a long line leading outside even before lunchtime.

Their chicken is consistently good but their dry macaroni comes highly recommended—a rather unconventional item to see on the menu nowadays but believe us when we say that it is pretty delicious.

Chye Kee Goldhill Roasted Chicken Rice Chicken Rice


Take our advice and try to be there early before the lunch crowd arrives because you will be surprised at how quickly their supply of roast meats go. We ordered up a plate of both their roasted chicken and pork belly (S$6.80)—since those we were the only 2 items left post-lunchtime.

We opted for the chicken breast and were not disappointed; the meat was tender, incredibly moist and the skin boasted a subtle yet delightful roasted note and we finished it within minutes.

The chicken rice, however, left much to be desired as it was a tad dry and fell short in the flavour department.

Chye Kee Roasted Pork Belly


The roasted pork belly was decent but definitely not the best we have tried. The skin neither crackled nor did it give us the same salty satisfaction we would have liked. However, the meat was tender and pretty tasty but at certain points, we had to have a dollop of chilli to go with it for a boost of flavour.

Chye Kee Dry Macaroni


Chye Kee’s Dry Macaroni with Roasted Chicken (S$4) is something worth trying if the classic rice and chicken combination just won’t cut it for you. Tossed around in a sweet-savoury dark sauce, each individual pasta is filled with a luscious sauce that made every mouthful flavourful. In fact, we have to say that we prefer this over their chicken rice!

Texturally, we rather enjoyed it for its slippery, easy-to-swallow qualities, and paired along with the tender chicken, makes for one pretty satisfying meal.

Chye Kee Goldhill Roasted Chicken Rice
No. 151, Thomson Road, #01-151,
Goldhill Shopping Centre,
Singapore 307606
Tel: +65 9143 4147
Mon to Sat: 8am – 7pm
Sun: 8am – 4pm
Nearest Station: Novena


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