This Coffee Shop In Buangkok Sells The Cheapest Black Coffee In Singapore!

4 May
Food Paradise Kopi O

Coffee is a staple in the morning for most of us—many of us rely on that very first sip of the bittersweet beverage to awaken our minds to kickstart our day on the right note.

However, any financially-wise coffee goer would advise against spending S$6 on a cup of Starbucks or quality brew daily. Many of us then turn to kopi from coffee shop stalls—a much cheaper alternative that gives us the same effect nevertheless.

Cheap as it is, these beverages do come with price increments too and typically cost S$1.20 today. Well, we have stumbled across what we believe is Singapore’s cheapest cup of Kopi-O as it costs just S$0.50!

Food Paradise Kopi O and Tea

Head over to Food Paradise Food Court, located just outside Buangkok MRT station and you’d find the cheapest black coffee in Singapore. A typical neighbourhood food court selling classic hawker dishes in the likes of chicken rice and mixed rice, their beverage stall is what you should be keeping a lookout for.

Their Kopi-O costs just 50 cents—the cheapest we’ve ever come across in Singapore. We’re glad to say that their coffee tastes the same as your average Kopi O despite costing just a fraction of the usual fare.  

Food Paradise Food Court

If you live around the Buangkok area and love your Kopi in the mornings, do head over to Food Paradise Food Court to show your support and get your daily caffeine fix.

Food Paradise
Blk 279 Sengkang East Ave
Food Paradise Food Court #01-01
Singapore 541217
Daily: 5.30am – 12.15am
Nearest Station: Buangkok

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