Casuarina Curry Restaurant Dishes Out Singapore’s Crispiest Prata

10 July
Casuarina Curry Group Shot

For simple prata done right, head down to Casuarina Curry Restaurant.

This humble establishment is hugely popular among the morning breakfast crowd for several good reasons. For one, they manage to nail the basics every time, whipping up crispy roti prata accompanied with a hearty fish or mutton curry that never fails to satisfy customers.

The roti prata themselves are perennially crispy without being overly oily, making the experience, unlike any other prata establishment. Their ability to keep their prices relatively low – considering how large their portion sizes are –  is a reason why Casuarina Curry has managed to retain a loyal customer base.

Do not be mistaken; this is not exactly a 5-star eatery so service standards may vary depending on who serves you. Most of the time service is efficient but during busy periods you may find yourself having to actively remind the servers several times before they actually get around to getting your order settled. The servers here tend not to write orders down so it is not common for them to get your orders mixed up from time to time.

Casuarina Curry Menu

Prata is not the only food sold here. A huge variety of other Indian specialities is available on the menu as well such as murtabak and maggi goreng. One can even purchase packets of Indian condiments and snacks to take home!

Casuarina Curry Plain Prata

The Plain Prata (S$1.30) arrived piping hot, which served as a good indication that it was cooked fresh upon order. The prata was beautifully crisp whilst retaining a fluffy interior – essentially fulfilling all the right criteria for any good prata. Pair this with their subtly sour fish curry and your day is made.

Casuarina Curry Chocolate Prata

At many places, novelty pratas like this tend to look aesthetically pleasing but when it boils down to taste, there usually is not much to shout about. However, we were pleasantly surprised because the Chocolate Prata (S$3.20) tasted as good as it looked.

A generous amount of chocolate syrup is drizzled over a crispy paper-thin prata making it such a decadent treat to have. If you recall having those yummy chocolate donuts with rainbow sprinkles from heartland confectioneries, this tasted exactly like that. We recommend getting this with a Kopi-O (Black Coffee) as the bitterness from the coffee helps to balance out the sweetness.

Casuarina Curry Paper Thosai

We had no regrets getting the Paper Thosai (S$3) because this was honestly one of the best ones we have tried. It was crispy, flavourful and massive in size.

Thosai is traditionally made with fermented rice flour which tends to give it a distinct sour taste and aroma. We liked that it encompassed all of those qualities along with the added bonus of being super crispy. It was so good on its own that we hardly had to dip it into the provided sauces. Perhaps next time we will consider getting the spiced potato and onion-filled masala thosai.

Casuarina Curry Butter Chicken Masala

If butter chicken is your go-to Indian dish, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed here. A small portion of masala chicken here cost us S$4.80, which initially put us off but the second we tasted the thick, luscious gravy we were sold.

The masala gravy was rich and beautifully aromatic. It had a good balance of salty and sweet which made it difficult to get sick of. Although we would have preferred thigh meat as opposed to the breast, this dish is undoubtedly a must-try for all first timers.

Casuarina Curry Snacks

Before you make your payment, be sure to browse through their snack and sweets counter too!

In a summary – this is one of our favourite prata place in Singapore, and although some may share different views, we really just love the how consistent Casuarina Curry Restaurant is in providing us with simple yet satisfying meals every time.

Casuarina Curry Restaurant

136 & 138 Casuarina Road
Tel: +65 6455 9093
Daily: 7am – 12am
Nearest Station: Yio Chu Kang

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