Blue Wine Is A Thing And It Has Reached Our Shores

6 February
Gik-Blue-Wine 2

There is the crisp white, the robust red and even the pink-hued, fruitier rosé, but make way for a new entrant because now we have blue wine. That’s right, blue wine is a thing now and it has officially hit our shores.

Gïk’s blue wine has already shaken up Spain’s traditional wine industry and is set on venturing to other parts of the world as well, giving our centuries-old favourites a run for their money. But before you go out and get yourself a bottle of the stuff, allow us to first give you a brief rundown on Gïk’s mystical-looking, electric blue wine.

Blue Willow Blue Wine

The initial thought process behind Gïk was intended purely for fun and innovation. Neither one of the founders had any prior experience in winemaking.

In fact, since neither one of them (nor their friends) possessed any experience in the craft, they resorted to recruiting help from the University of the Basque Country, where a team of chemical engineers spent two years helping them to derive their natural-coloured blue wine.

Little did the founders realise themselves that they would be starting a revolution and turning heads all over the country—and now the world.

Blue Willow Wine

Gïk’s blue wine is all-natural with no artificial colouring added. The company makes its vino using an undisclosed combination of red and white grapes and derives its neon blue hue from a pigment found in the grape skin known as anthocyanin along with an indigo dye.

For an added touch of sweetness for palatability’s sake, their wine’s flavour is enhanced with non-caloric sweeteners to create a delightful beverage that has the crisp, punchy attitude of a good wine and the sweet, syrupy mouthfeel of a cocktail.

There are currently only a handful of places in Singapore which sell Gïk’s blue wine, and Blue Willow, a new restaurant concept by the folks behind Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL), is one of them.

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