Biscuit King – A Tidbits Wonderland That Brims With Nostalgia

11 July
Biscuit King Collage

If you happen to be an avid fan of nostalgia and all things authentically Singaporean, then Biscuit King is a place you most definitely have to check out. Stepping into this humble snack shop will transport you back to your beloved childhood days – that is if you happen to be born before the late 90s.

Biscuit King is an old-school tidbit and toy wonderland that brims with nostalgia.

From iconic past-times such as ‘pick-up sticks’ and ‘snakes and ladders’ that we used to indulge in back in primary school, to childhood snack time favourites such as iced gems to pineapple jam biscuits, this is a place worth checking out no matter which generation you belong to.

Biscuit King

Biscuit King is situated along Upper Thomson Road just a few shops down from the famous Casuarina Curry Restaurant.

Biscuit King Biscuits

Biscuit King has a huge variety of old-school Biscuits for you to choose from, including some so old that we could not even recognize.

Biscuit King Biscuit Tins

For an added dose of nostalgia, Biscuit King makes an effort to retain their goodies in their original packaging. Remember those massive biscuit tins you used to see around a lot? Biscuit King has an entire wall full of it.

However, albeit the sheer novelty of these goodies, prices are not exactly the cheapest around. Depending on the type of biscuit, prices for 1kg can range from anything between S$10 – S$20.

Considering how much of a rarity these treats have become over the years, we believe the price should not be much of an issue. Just being able to have a taste of those beloved childhood days again is good enough.

Biscuit King Sweets

At only S$1.50 per 100g, you can purchase a massive variety of old-school sweets. These were the sort of candies we grew up with, the same ones that we often found ourselves eating too much of and sometimes even getting ourselves in trouble at school too – like the infamous Monster sweets that change the color of your tongue.

Popular items include the Haw Flakes and the Fizzy Cola too!

Biscuit King Card Games

Over at Biscuit King, they do not just stock up on tidbits. Expect to find classic games and toys such as pick-up sticks, marbles and even old maid and donkey cards. In light of the digital era where the internet and smartphones are all the raves among young children these days, parents may find it fruitful to purchase some of these old novelties for their kids instead.

Biscuit King Dried Fruits

Lovers of dried and preserved fruits or ‘Kiam Sng Tee’ as we locals call it can find a massive range here from preserved blueberries to the conventional preserved plum.

With Singapore being such a fast-growing nation, there are many things that we often lose in the process of development. It’s times like these we are immensely thankful for humble establishments like Biscuit King who do their utmost to preserve our Singaporean culture – before it gets erased completely.

Biscuit King
130 Casuarina Rd
Tel: +65 6458 0925
(Closed on Mondays)
Tue to Sun: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Yio Chu Kang

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