7 Best Destinations To Pick Up A New Language

17 October

Picking up a new language at adulthood is not an easy feat. But the chances are higher when you attempt to learn the foreign language in its country of origin. You are forced to converse in that language with native speakers and your improvement will definitely be speedy.Being able to pick up a new language from scratch will grant you a great sense of accomplishment.

Being able to pick up a new language from scratch will grant you a great sense of accomplishment, and here are 7 Best Destinations To Pick Up A New Language.


Learn how to converse with the Thais and say more than just ‘Sawadee’!

Located in the heart of Bangkok is Duke Language School. If you area interested, you can go for trial classes first, before deciding if you want to sign up. Morning/evening and group/private lessons are available.


Mandarin is certainly not an easy language to pick up from scratch, and it is ranked as the top three hardest languages in the world.

In Bejing, you can choose a class based on your proficiency. Learn Chinese at Hutong School or at one of the numerous Beijing universities.


Want to pick up German? Well, head to Hamburg and sign up at the internationally-renowned Goethe-Institut Hamburg Sprachschule Deutschkurse. You can immerse yourselves in the German culture too whilst learning the German language.


Needless to say, there is nowhere better to pick up Japanese than in the ancient Capital. We recommend the highly-acclaimed Kyoto Institute of Culture & Language to kick start your enrichment program.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or already intermediate; there are various levels to choose from.


The capital of Spain is the perfect destination to learn Spanish; we just hope you don’t end up skipping classes after one too many Sangria! AIL Madrid is highly recommended. You can choose to partake in classes as short as one week or up to 52 weeks!


Picking up the Russian language at the capital of Russia is perhaps the most efficient way to learn the language. Courses are offered at Moscow State university and the rates start from €170 per week.


Paris is the best place to learn French, duh. There are many language schools here and it all depends on whether you are after an intensive short course or a longer course. If you have to choose one, then we say go for Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne where you will be awarded a semester-long certificate upon completion of your program.

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