Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut – Halal Crispy Fried Duck Rice At S$9.90+ In Lucky Plaza

7 June
Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut

If you have never had halal duck before, look out for Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut. This halal-certified spot is housed within Lucky Plaza and adds to the range of affordable food gems if you are looking for wallet-friendly nosh in town.

Out of the menu signatures that we tried, Bebek Goreng Original with Nasi was the highlight and what warrants a revisit. Their variety of meals are wholesome and satisfying but what we will always remember them for is their crispy duck.

Original Crispy Fried Duck + Rice

Their Original Crispy Fried Duck + Rice (S$9.90+) was served on a large plate with a mound of plain rice, tofu, tempeh, and a side salad. Our first bite into the duck leg had us eager to tuck into the rest of the meal.

Fried Duck

The sizeable duck was marinated in a savoury blend of secret spices and deep-fried till bronze. Our teeth sank into its crisp and fatty skin and bit into into its tender meat that was not gamey. We tore off the meat without much effort and finished the duck down to the bone. The crispy crumbs that garnished it added a satisfying crunchiness to the experience.

Original Smash Fried Chicken + Rice

We also tried the Original Smash Fried Chicken + Rice (S$7.90+). This dish arrived looking very similar to our bebek goreng dish with nasi but with a bright chilli dip instead of the dull and dark one that we had had.

Their fried chicken was comparatively lacklustre as the meat was drier and tougher. The chilli was as fiery as it looked and carried the flavour of dried shrimp.

Crispy Duck Skin

A must-try side dish is their Crispy Duck Skin (S$4.90+) or Kulit Bebek Goreng which is a small snacking plate. The bite-sized pieces were very fatty but not cloying. Their saltiness made them great as an add-on to our meals because they paired well with the plain rice.

304 Orchard Rd,#01-42/43/44
Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863
Tel: +65 6734 4787
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Orchard

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