Al Jasra Prata Buffet- As Much Prata As You Want For S$7.90 NETT!

27 June
Al Jasra Prata

The sheer amount of roti prata stalls open 24-hours in Singapore is a clear indication of how much we love roti prata. Fluffy, doughy goodness that never fails to satisfy those late night hunger pangs. They come in so many forms, from the humble plain prata to more extravagant options like eggs benedict prata.

But due to intense competition, prices have since gone up, leading some to think twice about ordering more than they can handle – a simple cheese prata could easily cost up to S$3 at some places.

It’s times like these that we are immensely grateful for establishments like Al Jasra Restaurant, who came up with a novel idea – free-flow prata buffet. In the wee hours of the morning, you can dig into as much prata as you can physically handle at the price of S$7.90 per person!

Al Jasra Prata Buffet Menu

All-You-Can-Eat Prata

Situated along Changi Road, just a stone’s throw away from Kembangan MRT, Al Jasra Restaurant is a dream come true for all prata lovers. This roti prata buffet is the solution to your fickle taste buds. Their buffet menu consists of both sweet and savoury prata varieties such as chocolate, strawberry, honey, and masala.

Al Jasra Masala Prata

Masala Prata

The masala prata was an absolute treat. Packed full of masala curry, chunky potatoes and onions, the filling was so flavourful on its own that it did not even need the curry to go along with it. Out of all the savoury options to get here, this is the one we can see ourselves going for seconds for.

Al Jasra Ikan Bilis Prata

Ikan Bilis Prata

To be entirely fair, the Ikan Bilis prata was our least favourite of the lot. Not only did the flavour of the salty ikan bilis fail to complement the doughy prata, it had a rather chewy texture to it which made eating the prata itself a chore. Skip this!

Al Jasra Strawberry Prata

Strawberry Prata

The strawberry prata was by far the best among the rest. The prata itself was filled with a generous amount of strawberry jam and the sweet, tangy flavour complemented the crispiness of the prata really well. It was as if we were chewing on a sweet strawberry biscuit. A perfect accompaniment to any savoury prata.

Al Jasra

All in all, we will admit that as much as the deal seems quite attractive at only S$7.90 for all-you-can-eat pratas, it is only worthwhile if you have a huge appetite – or an immense love for prata. For us, we only managed to eat 2 pratas each before feeling stuffed. Which, to say the least, was not the best option we could have opted for.

Also note that Al Jasra has a strict no-wastage policy, so as tempting as it may be, try your best not to order too much because every unfinished prata is chargable.

Al Jasra Restaurant
459 Changi Rd
Open 24-Hours
Nearest Station: Kembangan

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