Adam Road Food Centre – 6 Best Stalls That You Legit Need To Try

28 September
Adam Road Food Collage

The hawker centre on Adam Road is among one of our top few favourites in Singapore. Although a lot smaller than its other counterparts across the island such as Lau Pa Sat or even East Coast Lagoon Food Village, this food centre houses a higher concentration of Malay and Indian food stalls, making it our go-to whenever those cravings kick in.

Nestled within the posh neighbourhood of Newton and Bukit Timah, it is not uncommon to spot upperclassmen and even celebrities having their meals here. In fact, during his many trips to Singapore, the Sultan of Brunei has made multiple requests for a particular nasi lemak stall here.

Hawker fare is aplenty in Singapore, but there is a special charm about Adam Road Food Centre that keeps us coming back for more. Here are 6 stalls within the humble Adam Road Food centre that you need to try.

Adam Road Interior

Adam Road Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak


Spotting this nasi lemak stall is a no-brainer—just look out for the stall with the longest queue. Offering good old nasi lemak without any gimmicks, what you get is a neat mound of coconut-infused rice, a few slices of cucumber, a fried egg and an additional ingredient depending on which meal you opt for.

Most people would opt for the Chicken Wing Meal (S$3.90) but if you have a huge appetite, definitely go for the Royal Rumble (S$5.90), which basically comes with every ingredient available.

Nasi lemak is nasi lemak, but what makes Selera Rasa’s so special to us is their use of basmati rice instead of the typical jasmine variety. This long grain is much fluffier and lighter, which bolds really well with the sweet and piquant sambal. Their chicken wings are fantastic as well. Fresh out the fryer, they boast a fragrant aroma of turmeric and ginger and we liked that the batter was thin, allowing the chicken wing itself to become super crispy without being too oily.

No. 1 Adam’s Nasi Lemak


For as long as we can remember, the epic battle between nasi lemak stalls 1 and 2 have been ongoing—with both stalls commanding their fair share of regular customers. During peak hours, both stalls see long queues as well, which boggles as to which one truly is the better of the two.

In order to make a fair comparison, we got the standard chicken set (S$3.50). The first thing we got when the dish was served was the strong whiff of coconut, but having tucked into it proper, our initial impression soon saw a quick and tragic demise. For all its popularity, this nasi lemak was pretty average. The rice was not as tasty as we had hoped, and it was bordering on soggy. However, their saving grace would be the crispy chicken wing, which brimmed with deep savoury flavours. We also felt that the addition of peanuts did well to elevate the dish in terms of taste and texture.

Adam Road Indian Rojak


When it comes to Indian Rojak, there are many things that define whether a stall does it well or not. For us, it is undoubtedly the dipping sauce and being able to achieve perfect crispiness without being drenched in oily. Over at Adam’s Indian Rojak, we were not disappointed.

With such a sizeable selection to choose from, this is definitely a dish to order to supplement your main meal. The individual ingredients were deep-fried to perfection and cut up into manageable sizes, and the sauce was sweet, nutty and mildly spicy—oh boy was it just the best thing ever.

Adam's Delights Maggi Goreng Combo


One of the more popular items here is the Maggi Goreng Combo (S$7) from Adam’s Delights. This monstrosity of a combo consists of thick chunks of mutton chop, cheese fries, maggi goreng and a fried egg.

The maggi goreng was lip-smacking good and the mutton chop was tender and flavourful. The cheese fries are generously topped with cheese and mayo, which although appealing at first, proved to be too overwhelming in light of everything else.

Noo Seng Prawn Noodle Collage


For more familiar and hearty hawker fare, do try the prawn noodles from Adam Road Noo Cheng Big Prawn Noodle. What sets this stall apart from its many counterparts scattered all across the island is its rich, complex stock—which is brewed for hours using a combination of sea prawns, pork ribs and crabs.

The result is a mind-blowing broth that will have you squirming for seconds. The prawns were fresh and sweet and the pork ribs were fall-apart tender. For a taste of heaven at only S$4, we’d say that this is pretty darn worth it.

Selamat Datang Mee Rebus 2


There is a reason why this unassuming mee soto and mee rebus stall got invited to take part in Singapore Day 2017 over in Melbourne this year—it is because Singaporeans studying and working there miss it dearly.

Take it from us, the mee rebus (S$3) that they serve here is unparalleled. And the key is their rich gloopy gravy that is cooked low-and-slow using a mixture of soybean, mutton, along with a well-balanced rempah (spice paste). The savoury gravy is thick and flavourful and the way it coats every item in the bowl—from the hard-boiled egg to the noodles—guarantees that each mouthful will be as epic as the first.

Adam Road Exterior

It’s safe to say we have covered quite a bit of ground here at Adam Road Food Centre, but don’t just hear it from us, you have to eat it for yourself to believe it.

Adam Road Food Centre
2 Adam Rd,
Singapore 289876
Nearest Station: Botanic Gardens

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