328 Katong Laksa – Famous Katong Laksa Even Gordon Ramsay Can’t Beat

27 July

Katong laksa is a classic hawker dish which many Singaporeans swear by. What makes it so addictive is the spicy gravy made with chilli, coconut milk and dried shrimps. If you go around asking which is the best laksa stall in Singapore, most locals will tell you to visit 328 Katong Laksa in East Coast.

While 328 Katong Laksa has already made a steady reputation for offering delicious Katong-style laksa, the SingTel Hawker Heroes Challenge held in 2013 further affirmed their status—it was so good that it surpassed Gordon Ramsay’s version! What makes 328 Katong Laksa so good then?

328 laksa

Their menu is kept simple with their signature laksa, otah, nasi lemak and drinks so that more effort can be placed in keeping up with the consistency of their food. The aromatic laksa gravy is extremely fragrant from all the rich coconut milk and flavourful ingredients.

Many locals enjoy the addition of fresh ham (cockles), peeled prawns and sliced fish cake which are accompanied with smooth noodles. Have them all together in one mouthful and you will realise how shiok it is! Katong Laksa is truly the pride of Singapore’s hawker scene.

Chilli paste is given separately on your spoon. This gives diners the option of adding in the amount of chilli they are comfortable with. Those who generally do not take spicy food should inform the staff beforehand.

Did we also mention that you do not need to use chopsticks? Yes, all you need is a spoon to scoop up all the spicy goodness because the noodles are served in short strands. The dining concept is fuss-free so people can simply pop in for a quick meal even when they are in a rush.

Personally, we love to visit 328 Katong Laksa because the place reminds us of home. Nothing is over-the-top and it still remains as one of our favourite comfort food after all these years.

328 Katong Laksa
51 East Coast Road
Singapore 428770
Tel: +65 9732 8163
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Paya Lebar

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