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Shi Xiang Ge – Handmade Noodles By Ex-Crystal Jade La Mian Director In Bishan

24 October

Conveniently located at level 2 of Bishan Bus Interchange, Shi Xiang Ge is an unpretentious la mian and dumpling stall that’s opened by an ex-Crystal Jade La Mian Director. Specialising in handmade noodles and a myriad of Sichuan-style dishes, this stall is quite possibly our new favourite spot in Bishan for delectable and comforting noodle bowls. Prior to our visit, we...

Bober Tea—Insta-Worthy Bubble Tea Joint With Unique Concoctions In Bishan

25 August

Here in Singapore, we are not strangers to several new and innovative food fads. Many have come, but not many ever stay trendy for long. Yet, bubble tea is perhaps one of the few trends that have successfully endured the test of time (and the fickleness of Singaporeans) the longest–and the craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. A...