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5 Cafes In Singapore With Old-School Board Games, Five Stones, Pool Tables & More

26 February

Gone are the days when having fun meant playing board games with your siblings or a game of catch down at the playground. Nowadays, leisure and ‘fun’ come in the form of keeping up to date with social media and mobile games that don’t even require you to step out of the house. Thankfully, there are some cafes here in Singapore that cater...

My Little Pony Pop-Up Cafe To Open In Singapore From 27 Sep to 30 Dec 2018

25 September

As the last quarter of 2018 approaches, it’s only appropriate to welcome a little bit of magic, fantasy and friendship to the season. Known for their past successful collaborations with popular icons such as Cinnamonroll, Miffy and Care Bears, Kumoya wraps up the season for the year with a dash of magic and sparkles with the final pop-up for the...

Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe – Mad Hatter-Inspired Cafe With Pretty Desserts

16 July

What’s life without a little creativity and fun? It will probably be rather meaningless and dull, but that is why we are so thankful when we come across cafes and eateries with exciting concepts and has a story to tell with their food. Led by Yvette, Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe is a quaint and cosy cafe tucked away under Blk 212...