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Prawnaholic – New-School Prawn Mee Featuring Kurobuta Pork In Pasir Ris

27 April

As far as local noodle dishes go, our hearts and stomachs always find its way to the usual few whether it’s a humble bowl of fishball noodles, laksa or prawn noodles. Yet, now with a new generation of hawkers taking over our food scene, local dishes are given new and creative tweaks, introducing modern cooking techniques as well as different...

Ju Ju Pokebowls – Poke Bowls In A Hawker Centre In The East

23 April

Located at the new Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre, Ju Ju Pokebowls is a must-visit when you are there. As the Summer season is approaching, this healthy rice bowl is your go-to summer food. As much as we love to indulge in our favourite char kway teow and fried chicken, we would need to take a break and munch on...