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Hao Lai Ke — Is This Ex-Din Tai Fung Chef’s New Venture Worth The Hype?

9 January

Helmed by a former Din Tai Fung chef and his wife, Hao Lai Ke aims to serve up quality Chinese dishes that are just as good as the colossal restaurant brand. Think bowls of scratch-made la mian and the signature pork ribs fried rice that practically everyone goes mad for. Hao Lai Ke is tucked away in a small coffee...

7 Local Hawker Dishes That Epitomise The Term “Wok Hei”

21 September

If you are a Singaporean, let alone Chinese, and you still don’t know what the term “wok hei” refers to, then you need to buckle up and read this article because you are missing out on some very important information. In Chinese, the term wok hei translates to, “breath of the wok”, which might sound dramatic (as all Chinese sayings...