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7 Popular Halal Fried Chicken Joints That Do Delivery

27 May

We grow up in a time where fast food joints are minutes away from home and—besides burgers and fries—they have sealed our love for fried chicken. The next time you crowd around the TV with your family or sit around games during your group gatherings, refer to our list of 7 popular halal fried chicken joints that do delivery. Then wait for...

Xin Xin Cafe – Their Special Chicken with Rice Is Worth Travelling To Expo For

2 January

Originally located in Jalan Basar, Xin Xin Cafe has since moved to Changi Business Park to give the businessmen there a taste of home cooking. Sparked by a desire to offer more authentic tasting Malaysian-style dishes while indulging in local favourites and Western delights, Xin Xin Cafe has since then become a popular go-to hang out and dining spot, so...

Chai Chee Kway Chap – Solid Kway Chap At Only S$3.40 You Must-Try When In Bedok

6 November

One thing that many of us Singaporeans love to indulge in is some good-old kway chap. This sinful yet satisfying dish is a popular favourite that is sold at multiple hawker centres all over Singapore. Despite looking so simple, a dish like kway chap is not easy to prepare. It requires a lot of tedious preparation such as proper cleaning of...