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This Ban Mian Restaurant In JB Needs To Come To Singapore!

5 September

It goes without saying that Johor Bahru is home to plenty of hip cafés and eateries that offer a multitude of cuisines. And there’s no arguing that fact, given the number of times we make a trip across the border a year. GO Noodle House is one of the most well-known restaurants in JB and it is definitely a crowd-favourite when...

Ah Hua Kway Teow – Teochew Kway Teow Cooked Over Charcoal In Johor Bahru

5 February

While many have flocked over the border to join the cafe-hopping spree, the local food of Johor Bahru is something not to be missed out on too. Located inside Restoran Sekee lies Ah Hua Kway Teow, an old-school noodle stall that serves traditional Teochew kway teow and brews a pork bone broth over a charcoal stove. Some may even call it...