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Sisaket Thai Food – Cheap Thai Food In Maxwell Market That’s Pure Aroi Mak

26 October

There’s that decades-old debate about the Singlish and Malaysian definition of shiok vs syok, but whether you prefer to interpret it as a term of approval, or just to mean cheap, Sisaket Thai Food delivers on both fronts to bring you one of the most satisfying Thai food out there. While the first store is tucked away in a corner...

Hom Aroy Thai Food—Value-For-Money Thai Food Below S$10 in Coronation Plaza

28 June

Thai food restaurants and eateries are aplenty in Singapore—whether you are looking for one that serves Thai food in a luxurious setting or an eatery that whips up authentic grub that will bring your taste buds all the way back to Bangkok, Singapore has got it all. Hom Aroy Thai Food is a hidden gem situated on the third storey of...